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Names of immigration judges accused for misconduct might be revealed

Names of immigration judges accused for misconduct might be revealed

Immigration judges who have been accused for misconduct, might find their names publicly released. A federal appeals court is still evaluating this question, whether the government should take participation and inform the public regarding the names of immigration judges who committed misconduct while being at work and off work.

bell_courtroom_13_0_0Three judges who are in a D.C. Circuit had on a Tuesday nearly an hour-long intensive dialog. They were stating arguments over Freedom Information Act and how they should proceed based on the request that American Immigration Lawyer Association filed. They have been requesting that all records, which have been related to the discipline process of immigration judges, should be publicly released.

The Justice Department released a number of information regarding this matter, but they replaced the names of judges with codes. Javier Guzman, Justice Department lawyer stated that judges were employees who have had a  lower level of public service and these was no need to release their names into the public.

male-judge-with-glasses-gavel-and-scaleHowever, many lawyers from the immigration group don’t agree with this statement, they state that immigration judges have more independent authority and that they are direct representatives of the law.

Julian Murray of Public Citizen said that immigration judges are making live or death decisions on a daily basis and they need to use independent judgement, because they are required by the law. All immigration judges are representatives of the government, because they work for it. The Justice Department and federal appeals court can appeal their decisions and cases.

Murray stated that is of vital importance for public to know the names of judges who were constantly accused of misconduct, but not being processed. Guzman defended the government position to erase all names of judges from released records.

Patricia Millet and Sri Srinivasan, judges of the D.C. Circuit, both possible replacement for Justice of Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court seem to have sympathy with the immigration lawyers’ group regarding this matter.

Srinivasan-MillettOn the other hand, Millett doesn’t agree with the opinion of the government that judges are low-level employees and that their names should be available to the public.

Even some of the navigate to this web-site have supported this opinion of Millett.

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