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Pope Francis reflects on human tragedy of immigration at U.S. – Mexican border

Pope Francis reflects on human tragedy of immigration at U.S. – Mexican border

As the America heads in election chaos, immigration reform is going to be one of voting issues which will determine winners and losers. Pope Francis, while visiting the U.S., made a stop at US -Mexican border to emphasize the human tragedy immigrants face daily.

The pope stated that the world cannot deny the crisis that has been occurring around the globe and immigrants who travel hundreds of thousands of miles to escape wars and poverty. This human tragedy has become a global phenomenon today. Authorities measure this crisis with numbers and statistics, but we need to measure them with families, stories and names, stated the pope.

People who are obligated to migrate today are brothers and sisters and poverty, wars, drug trafficking different criminal organizations made them on that move.

31540B0600000578-3451813-image-a-63_1455768600486Before the Mass, pope made a stop at the border and walked along the ramp that was lined with yellow flowers toward the specially built platform that faces the fence with United State. Besides the giant crucifix, he made three symbolic gestures of the cross and blessed the people who gathered in El Paso.

Several bishops of the United States participated in a Mass that held pope Francis, agreeing with pope that immigrants should be the top priority.

Juarez no longer represents a capitol of crime in Mexico, but many people want to space it and go to United States. my source has an opinion that many people can fulfill conditions and seek residence in the U.S.

18POPE-blog14-tmagArticleThe pope addressed his prayers to people who are waiting for the right opportunity, for example Jorge, a man who has 26 years and his trying to find a way to join his family in Chicago. More than 200,000 of people attended the mass.

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